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Dual clutch upgrades

established since 1991 with over 40 years transmission experience.


Having teamed up with Dodson Motorsport, we now can offer clutch upgrades to; Audi R8 & Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche PDK, VAG DQ250/500/501, BMW DCT, Mitsubishi SST and the Nissan GTR R35.
We also supply motorsport clutches and flywheels.


We also provide a unique diagnostic protocol, and have the tools to carry out; noise & vibration analysis, scope analysis to engine, automatic transmission, abs. Manufacture's software updates can also be provided using dealer equipment purchased, and all carried out under one roof with no third party involvement.


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What We Offer

Vehicles Are Very Complex

We will use our 40+ years of fault finding experience to resolve your vehicle problems. We are specialists. We have the best trained staff..

Expertise Saves You Money

We are trained on the latest systems and are equipped to the best standards. We have the best technical resources. We have a vast amount of specific experience.


How Does It

We agree a budget with you and stick to it. We put you in control of the repair process, your car, your problem, your money, you decide.


Featured Services

Nvh problem's

The root of all NVH problems is a vibration. In some cases, these are unwanted or unexpected vibrations, and in other cases, they are normal and always present (e.g. engine combustion), but they are noticeably disturbing when transmitted to the passenger compartment. Sound is simply a vibration that is transmitted through the air (or another medium) and is heard when it reaches a person's ear. Although the perfect hearing range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, most of us are more like 100 Hz to 15 kHz at best. Vibrations are usually felt at frequencies below 200 Hz, and in the overlapping frequency, range vibrations can be both felt and heard.

In order to deal with this frequency range effectively, our NVH kits contain both microphones (for sound), and accelerometers (for vibrations). Traditionally, NVH problems have been viewed as difficult to solve, with NVH complaints being subjective as people have different levels of NVH acceptance or feeling. A technician needs the right tools and procedures to be able to tackle these issues effectively, to diagnose complaints in an objective, repeatable and easy manner. The NVH kit does this, while also generating customer reports to show that an improvement has been made against the customer’s complaint.

Vehicle Problem Assessment

Your vehicle problems solved by specialist diagnostics services in Luton. Highly trained  Technicians accurately identify vehicle faults and problems. We’ll advise on the necessary repair process. We will confirm the cause and suggest a course of action to solve the problem. You choose what you what to do. You remain in control of the budget. We apply our expertise, our experience, our resources and our skill in equal measure to ensure your problem is resolved in the most cost effective, value for money way

We have a vast inventory of main dealer equipment which includes; Ford IDS & FRDS, Mercedes Star and aftermarket equipment such as; Snap-on Zeus, Autologic, Autel. Another piece of equipment used is an first look sensor. The FirstLook Engine Diagnostic Sensor offers a fast and accurate method to diagnose automotive engine problems such as burnt valves, bad injectors and other performance problems without major disassembly of the engine. When connected to the exhaust or vacuum side of the engine to be tested the FirstLook engine diagnostic sensors enables our technicians to quickly display a complete picture of core engine performance on a suitable digital storage lab scope.






Dual Clutch Upgrades

Dual Clutch Transmission Upgrades

Wether wet or dry these transmissions need to be serviced at manufacture's service intervals . A dual-clutch transmission is an automated transmission, closely related to a manual transmission. It uses two separate clutches for odd and even gear sets. It can fundamentally be described as two separate manual transmissions with their respective clutches contained within one housing, and working as one unit. .

Just like a manual transmission, these units generate swaf. Swaf generation is a problem and can collect on magnets that are set on the selector forks. As the transmission ecu needs to know the position of the forks, the signal is compromised. Another problem as on the OAM units that are fitted to the VAG smaller cubic capacity engines, is the trasmission ecu shorts and blow's the fuse and an ecu replacement is then required.

Automatic Transmission Service

One of the latest trends is for manufacturers to produce a so called 'sealed for life' automatic transmission. this effectively prevents a typical owner from performing a normal transmission fluid change, meaning that the first many owners will know about a problem with their sealed transmission is when they see the 'WARNING' light flashing at them; by which time they will probably already be looking at a sizeable bill.

Whilst there have been advances in synthetic oil quality and the design and tolerances of modern automobiles, there are still very complex mechanical components that are being subjected to heat and torque stresses, and no oil, no matter how advanced can run for 100,000 miles and still keep in good shape.

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