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   Specialist Re-builders In All Makes Of Automatic & Dual Clutch Transmissions

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Automatic Transmissions today has evolved from a 3 speed unit to 6/7/8/9 speed unit……. .

Auto Transmissions

The “New Breed “ of Transmission

Offers the functionality of an automatic transmission with the fuel economy of a manual ……..   

Dual Clutch Trans

The Valve body is the control of the transmission, fully automatic or dual clutch units. Many units today are combination of mechanical/electronic engineering   

Valve Bodies


Established Since 1991

Beds Automatic Transmissions are the leading specialist repairers of automatic transmissions in the Herts,Beds,and Bucks area. We have been directly responsible for transmission fixes that have been sold and used worldwide as well as the automatic transmission industry UK.

We offer complete customer service, expert advice and team dedication towards transmission concerns that you may have. All of our automatic gearbox repairs and services are done by a team who are highly experienced in all model types, including imports.

LUK Clutch Installer For,


Dual Clutch Transmissions.


The root of all NVH problems is a vibration. In some cases these are unwanted or unexpected vibrations….,.

N V H Diagnostics

CAN bus is a serial communication system used on many motor vehicles to connect individual systems .......

Can Bus Diagnostics

Highest Standards

39 years experience,

We have an “All Brand” capability covering all aspects

Of motor vehicle, Including the coding of keys.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Enigma code shift technology was developed by UK based Tech company Bluereach Automation. The self developed technology allows for shift control on automatic transmissions with.………

Mechatronic Unit Testing

Electrical Sensors


Suppliers of transmission hydraulic fixes to the industry.

As previewed In each magazine below

The valve body (control unit) goes through a similar process that includes: ultra-sonic cleaning, vacuum testing, solenoid remanufacturing and final calibration........

Valve Body Testing

Solenoid remanufacturing and final calibration is carried out and tested on one of two data acquisition test machines…….

Solenoid Testing



18 mths & 3 Year warranties available

VAG OAM 7 Speed DSG  Mechatronic Units Repaired & Coded & In Stock, Audi A5/Q5  OB5/DL501 Mechatronic Units Available From Stock, Ford MPS6/Powershift Mechtronic Units Repaired & Coded & In Stock, Independent Ford Specialists. Curtesy Cars Available